Adventures Ashok

dpYoung, aspiring, physically challenged (who lost his right leg in a train accident), Mr. Ashok Ramlal Munne is preparing himself to climb ‘The Ultimate Challenge – Mount Everest’. He wants to be the first physically challenged person from India / Asia Continent to do so. He is physically fit for this task and wants to achieve it by the end of the year 2016 with a slogan “Mission Everest 2016”.
He wants to inspire physically challenged people all over the world and others by achieving his aim to climb the Mt. Everest. He believes that if you set your mind for your aim and take one step at a time and gradually practice it daily, then you can achieve your aim easily.
In a family of four, Ashok is an elder son of a Farmer Father Mr. Ramlal Munne, Mother Mrs. Latabai & Younger Sister Ms. Roshni. He and his family belong to village Murti, Tehsil. Katol, Dist. Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Their only livelihood depends on the earnings from farming as they were not financially stable. He is graduating in a degree of Bachelor of Social Work and in future wish to excel more in higher studies.
Ashok is inspired by the teachings of his Spiritual Guru ‘Sirshree Tejparkhiji’, he always reminds himself “AIM HIGH – Those who understand the laws of nature never aim small – Sirshree”.
In 2008, he lost his ‘Right Leg’ in a train accident. After a couple of operations he got an artificial leg from Command Hospital, Military Artificial Limb Centre, Pune. In 2009 while recovering in hospital, Ashok heard the news of Ms. Krishna Patil becoming a youngest woman from India to climb Mt. Everest. This news sparked a thought in him that ‘I can also climb the Everest’. The thought has stayed with him since then and he finally decided to go for it._DSC0403
Ashok was already mastered in Martial Arts & Gymnastics prior to accident; he is also a good swimmer and was able to perform various Yogasana’s. After recovery from hospital he doesn’t want to waste a single day, he started regular cycling, driving bike & car again but now with his artificial leg. He also trained school students in Martial Art, Gymnastics etc. with giving live demonstrations in Kung-Fu, Karate, Chakrasan, Yogasan etc.
He is experienced Swimmer, everyday he swims about 3 Km. in Ambazari Lake, Nagpur. His daily routine involves Meditation (taught by Sirshree), Pranayam, Yogasan, Swimming, 3-4 Km of Running, Cycling, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Physical Exercises to prepare himself for Everest.