Unconditional Support

Ashok started getting Unconditional Support from various organizations & institutes for supporting him to achieve his mission … ‘Mission Everest 2016’

  • SAHAS The Camp, Outward Bound Bharat  :   Director – Mr. Sudhir,  Trainer – Mr. Lalit Gomase trained Ashok in Mountaineering, Climbing, Trecking, Rapling, River Crossing etc All Free of Charge as to support in his ‘Mission’

  • Ottobock – Supported Ashok’s Mission by providing Artifitial Leg (approx. cost 2.5 Lacs) for Base Camp Himalaya.Mr.Parag Nimkar, Head of Ottobock he searched Ashok and offered the artifitial leg – which is made up of Carbon Fibre using Nano-Technology, which is stronger than steel and light weight.

  • Lasik Surgery – J.J. Hospital, Mumbai (26th Feb 2012)
    Performed Lasik surgery by Dr.Shashi Kapoor, Mumbai
    Arranged/Sponsored by Dean. Tatyasaheb Lahane, Mumbai. 
    Refered by Dean. Rajaram Powar of Medical College, Nagpur.
  • National Adventure Foundation, Nagpur Chapter (NAF)
    Director – Mrs. Bimla Negi Deuskar (Climbed Everest upto 22,000ft) 
                   Mr. Avinash Deuskar
    Trainer –  Mrs. Bharti Gomase 
    In National Adventure Foundation Mrs. Bimla Negi Deuskar, Mr. Avinash Deuskar & Trainer Mrs. Bharti Gomase always supported & motivated for his ‘Mission’ & also provided various facilities in Mountaineering Camp.
  • Sanjeevani Hospital, Nagpur             Date: 30 june 2009
    Dr.Rajan of Sanjeevani Hospital performed the 2nd operation free of cost with providing 21 days hygienic facilities in hospital. Mrs. Malti Shashtri & Late Mr. M. V. Gokhale of ‘Indra Dhanu’  looked after Ashok’s pre & post surgery of his leg. 
  • Indra Dhanu                                   Date: 30 june 2009
    Address: Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, Contact: 91-0712-2289398
    An organization which provides various facilities for Physically Challenged People. They have supported and referred Ashok for his second operation of his right leg (below knee 6  inch imputation)